When incorporating multimodal assignments into your course design, as with other pedagogically informed assessments, it is good practice to evaluate whether or not the assignment was successful in achieving desired learning outcomes. The information gained through evaluation of the assignment will aid in evidence based changes to the assignment and/or course components. This section will help you think about an assessment strategy for your own multimodal assignment.

Please note that when assessing pedagogy in your own course for the purpose of improving course design and learning outcomes, at this time at UBC, you do not need behavioral ethics approval to collect information. However, you must still collect, store and use this information in an ethical manner!  For example, you should make every effort to keep responses confidential if not anonymous and have data collected/analyzed by someone who is not part of the course evaluation process (i.e. outside individual rather than faculty or course TA) during the current course and potentially in future courses the student may take.

Data collection may take quantitative (e.g. survey) or qualitative (e.g. interview/focus group) forms.  Often, it is best to use multiple data collection strategies to obtain a deeper understanding of the student experience with the multimodal assignment.

What follows below are some sample questions that can be adapted to your own purpose when planning a student survey or focus group discussion. Note that this information taps only into the student perspective. To adequately show changes in learning you will need to consider a quazi-experimental design (which is beyond what is intended here).

The following questions inquire into the overarching question this research project was interested in: What are the effects of multimodal project formats on student learning and engagement?

Sample Survey Questions

Sample survey questions for faculty to use to evaluate their own classes. Please note, as students may not be familiar with the term ‘multimodal’, we have chosen to use the word ‘media’ to represent the multimodal aspect of the project in the sample questions below.

Please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements:

Strongly Disagree Disagree Agree Strongly Agree Not Sure/NA
Instructions on how to complete my project were clear. Please explain if not clear. (Include a text box here for student explanation).
Ability to use media in my project increased my interest in this course.
It is better to have media project options than solely written assignments.
Making a media project increased my ability to disseminate academic knowledge about SPECIFY COURSE topics.
Making a media project is more interesting than a solely written assignment.
Conducting a media project has helped me gain important life skills.
The project was manageable within the timeline of this course.
Overall, I am satisfied with the learning experience the (media project option provided.

Open Ended Survey Question:

What additional training or resources would have helped you with the successful completion of your project?  Please be as specific as you can.

To what extent did the following help you to understand ADD COURSE DESCRIPTION/TITLE HERE?  (Use only components that work with your course)

Very Little Somewhat Quite a Bit A Great Deal Not Sure/NA
In class exercises
Group Project
Peer assessment of drafts
Conversations with peers
Oportunities to interact with the instructor
Studying for exams

Open ended survey questions:

In what specific ways has the group project helped you to understand the course material?

What do you anticipate you will still remember 5 years from now about this course?

Based on your own learning style, how much do you agree/disagree with the following statements:

“I learn a new subject most effectively when I …”

Strongly Disagree Disagree Agree Strongly Agree Not Sure
Can explore various perspectives through course content
Can apply new skills through media approaches
Am exposed to different ways of approaching a subject
Discuss ideas with peers
Discuss ideas with the instructor/TA
Research on my own
Engage in group work

Open ended survey question to close the survey:

Is there anything else you would like us to know about the use of media projects, your learning, or this survey?

Focus Group Plan

A sample focus group or interview questions faculty may want to use to evaluate the use of multimodal projects in their own classes.

Please introduce yourself (name, year, major, etc.) and then tell us about your media project for this class? Think of describing it to us in an ‘elevator pitch’ and include responses to the questions below.

  • What was your media project about?
  • What media format did you choose to present your project?
  • Why did you choose that format?

Do you consider yourself a frequent user of technology? What kind of technology do you use? Programs?

Did you choose your format because you already knew how to use a program? Were you already familiar with the format? (As a way to know more about the why the choose the format).

Probing questions for reflecting/discussing:
Do you think your project would have been different if you had presented in (alternate format) and not the X format that you did?

Do you believe you gained skills/knowledge by doing this project in a different format from that of a written paper? Which skills/knowledge?
Probing questions for reflecting/discussing:

  • By making a media project, what kind of impact do you think this process may have had on your ability to articulate knowledge about COURSE TOPIC? To share knowledge about academic research related to COURSE topics?
  • Did it help at all to increase your interest in the course? in DISCIPLINE?

What are the differences in writing an academic paper versus a media project? What are the similarities?
Probing questions for reflecting/discussing:

  • How do you think your learning would have changed for this project if you had written a traditional paper?
  • What did a media format enable for your learning experience that a traditional written project would not have?

How did the resources provided help or challenge you in designing/planning your project?

How did the rubric help you/guide you in designing/planning your project?

What kind of guidance would you like to receive from your instructor to help you with this kind of project? In addition to providing resources and encouragement to make this a successful project, what else could an instructor do?

How did you communicate with your group members throughout the process? Would you change anything in this communication process?