Student Resources

Videos have been created that can distributed to students that introduce fundamental concepts of developing multimodal projects. In later videos, students can watch tutorials on specific formats that they should consider in relationship to their project purpose.  Below is an explanation of the resource and accompanying videos. The videos can also be found in the Canvas Commons.  By searching “beyond the text” in the commons, you will see the resource pop up. Just click on it and import the module directly in to your Canvas course!


Consider the purpose and goals of your multimodal project, leading to decisions and execution processes in creation.


What are multimodal formats and how do they communicate research differently? How will the project format influence reception of your idea?


Knowing your target audience will inform your multimodal communication strategy, such as: the output format, duration, availability, etc..


This video reminds students that citations are important even in multimodal projects, the video goes through ways of citing and using or licensing images from Creative Commons.


Digital and media literacy are important critical skills, and help us analyze the way in which messages are transmitted and received. This awareness can help you to be an ethical media maker.



Considerations and examples of framing a visual image through a lens (ie. photographic or video) are delivered in reference to the feelings they evoke through angle, focus, perspective, etc.


This video uncovers basic lighting techniques for students to follow when recording their images to convey a sense of mood for storytelling or clarity of detail.


How do we visually compose a shot to relay different messages using the frame, depth of field, and aspect ratio.


Setting up the necessary artifacts to create a composition will determine your design elements, such as; orientation, composition, white space, grouping arrangements, bleeds, etc., ending with common mistakes.


Basic elements of typefaces, fonts kerning, leading, alignment, legibility and designing with text.


Discovering fundamentals of colour, contrast and value, and how to use them in your projects.



This video outlines main considerations when working with works that deliver over time, such as video scenes and presentation timelines.


A basic primer on sound, this video features tips and tricks for capturing and editing sound, available tools and equipment.


Featuring active engagement, choice and communication, interactivity brings audience engagement into your multimodal project.


How to organize your layout and build navigation through a web-site. The video shows examples to illustrate the effects of different strategies, responsive web-design, using headings and menus, and user clicks.